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Introduction: Embarking on a Path of Security: Multan’s Call for Vigilant Guardians

In November 2023, Multan beckons individuals seeking more than just a job—it offers a calling for those committed to safeguarding. This article unfolds the opportunities for security guards in Multan, delving into a realm where responsibility meets dedication.

 Brief History

A Sentinel’s Journey: Tracing the Evolution of Security in Multan

Before we plunge into the present, let’s journey through Multan’s historical tapestry of security. From ancient fortifications to modern strategies, Multan’s commitment to protection has evolved. Understanding this history is vital as we explore the current landscape of security guard positions.

 Job Description

Guardians of Peace: Unveiling the Responsibilities and Rewards The Essence of Security in Multan

Being a security guard in Multan is more than a profession; it’s a commitment to maintaining tranquility. Explore the core responsibilities that go beyond mere surveillance, including fostering a secure environment and responding adeptly to potential threat

Qualification & Experience Middle School Level
Jobs Salary and Allowances Competitive Package
Growth Opportunities Career Advancement
Documents Needed Comprehensive List
Benefits Diverse Perks
Duties and Responsibilities Varied Assignments
SELECTION PROCESS Rigorous Screening
JOBS VACANCIES LIST Numerous Positions
AGE LIMIT As Per Norms
CONTACT DETAILS National Database and Registration Authority, Multan, Punjab
Start Date of Jobs Immediate

Last Date of Apply 17-11-2023

To apply for the latest government jobs in Punjab, aspiring candidates must adhere to the following guidelines:

Geographical Limitations:

Applications are restricted to residents of the respective district only.

Encouragement for Diversity:

Females, transgender individuals, and differently-abled people are strongly encouraged to apply, fostering inclusivity in the recruitment process.

Travel Allowance:

No Travel Allowance (TA) or Daily Allowance (DA) will be provided.

Selection Criteria:

Only candidates shortlisted after the initial test for the position of Data Entry Executive will proceed to the interview

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